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non-GMO Layer Blend
About Me


Hippie Hens is a blend of non-GMO grains and seeds. We know that our customers want something different for themselves and their families than the normal factory farming approach to egg production. So we've parted ways completely from the mainstream feed methods and selected a blend of healthy, whole and cracked grains and seeds that meet the major nutritional requirements of a healthy laying hen. The best part is, we don't use any corn or soybean. The ingredients are listed plainly on the tag so you know exactly what is in the bag. To see the product label, click here.


what's different?

Hens are natural foragers. They love to roam through the fields and pick up bugs, seeds, grass, and gravel. All of their food gets digested through a series of highly effective compartments that soak their food, break it down with gastric acids and enzymes, and then ultimately grind it finely with the aid of bits of gravel. This allows them to eat even the most durable of seeds and digest them effectively. 

Because eggs are such a valuable commercial commodity, large factory operations have shifted the focus of the feed market to concentrated, ground and pelletized products for hens in order to get as much production with as little feed as possible. This approach is effective if your main concern is the bottom line, but it does result in a bland, unappealing mixture of byproducts, genetically modified crops, and highly processed ingredients. Many people who maintain a flock in their backyard for their own personal egg supply are not comfortable with the possible health effects of using those types of feed products for their hens. 

Our solution is to get back to the basics. We tailored our grain and seed selection to meet the major nutritional requirements that a hen must have in order to effectively form an egg. Ingredients like peas, lentils, barley, wheat, and milo add up to a colorful, visually appealing blend that your hens will gobble up out of their feeders. Now you can finally buy a non-GMO chicken feed that you will feel good about feeding to your flock!

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